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About Us

“We’ve had ask for moving, cigarette smoking and smelling boards,” states Pat Punch, who is a co-owner of Minneapolis-based Atomic Props, a business that focuses on distinct spectaculars. For Poland Springs, Atomic Props developed a 30 foot water bottle and an outside poster for Jell-O in Times Square dishes out a huge spoon with 4,000 smaller sized spoons.

A New Medium For New Audiences

Given that 1996, the Big 4 of signboards– Outdoor Systems, Eller, Clear Channel and Lamar– have actually invested more than $5 billion to demolish lots of mom-and-pop operators, as well as the outdoor divisions of big business like Gannett and 3M. Together they manage about 40% of the revenues created by the 400,000 or two billboards across America. As industry giants, they can run effectively and supply one-stop shopping to national marketers. Goodwill Communications’s outdoor database has actually been decreased from over 600 outside business two years ago to simply over 400 today, due to debt consolidations and buy-outs.