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Winter Is Near

Experience The Outdoors

It even earned the label “pollution on a stick.” But things have altered with outdoor marketing and we’re not talking about your father’s billboards.

A Mobile Society

Contemporary social patterns favor billboards. Americans are spending fewer hours in your home, where TELEVISION, cable television, publications, papers, books, and the Internet all clamor for attention. Individuals are spending more time than ever in their vehicles – daily car trips are up 110% considering that 1970, and the variety of cars on the road is up by 147%. For many people stuck in traffic, the only media choices are radio and signboards.

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Outdoor Goes Green


This New Year’s Eve revelers at Times Square will have a close-up view of the nation’s very first environmentally friendly billboard. Powered entirely by wind and sun – 16 wind turbines and 64 solar panels – the indication is anticipated to save $12,000 to $15,000 each month in electricity costs. Multiply this by all the other cities in the nation utilizing electrical power for outdoor illumination, and it totals up to a signficant expense savings and environment-friendly outside.

The Morphing of Outdoor

“Outdoor utilized to be referred to as the beer, butts, and babes medium,” states Andrea MacDonald, president of MacDonald Media, a New york city company that focuses on out-of-home advertising. Now, she states, “whatever’s altered. New innovation has made us more imaginative, and marketers are seeing billboards in a brand-new light.”

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